Shoebox Packing

This is our first year packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Here’s something interesting though. It is definitely not the first time we’ve participated. I was actually in charge of doing this at CIBC one year and I did buy stuff to put into the shoeboxes. On packing night I didn’t wrap boxes or pack them. I was a sorter. We got tons of stuff donated for it and I sorted items for different age groups or genders.

This year, these shoeboxes were for MOPS since our church isn’t participating this year. We did a last minute scramble the night before to do this because that was the kind of week I was having…and it was only Monday…and we are procrastinators. There, I said it.

She's not quite awake yet.

Step 1: Get a standard size shoebox. No idea what “standard” is but it is definitely not my size 5.5 shoeboxes. I recommend the plastic ones which are more useful for the kids. Not required to wrap the box but I read from someone who has distributed the boxes that the families save the wrapping to decorate their walls.

Step 2: Boy or Girl? and age range. If you can’t decide I would go with an older child. We made boxes for two 2- to 4-year-old girls since that the girls’ ages. Well, Emily is not two yet but they don’t have it any younger than that.

Step 3: Fill the box. School supplies, hygiene products, small toys…any other items they may like, and maybe a note and photo of yourself. We totally wanted to write a note, but forgot. Bummer! =( Next time…

The Goods

School Supplies

Hygiene Products

Other Fun Stuff

We also added a few knick knack stuff we had to fill up the rest of the box.

Step 4: Make a donation of $7 per box. (I think this is only a suggested donated if this does not fit in your budget.) This is to cover shipping. Write one check for all the shoeboxes you pack. The easier way is online through EZgive. Print out the tag and they will track where your box is sent. How cool!

Step 5: Drop off at a collection center during collection week. Don’t forget to pray for the child(ren) who will receive your shoebox(es). Can you imagine the joy of such a gift?

Can't tell if Emi is packing or unpacking the box...

Okay, now I think she is packing the box.

Not sure if they really grasp the meaning of this gift, but hopefully they will get it soon.

They did it!

So excited to drop it off!!

We look forward to doing this again next year, and we’ll be more prepared next time!

Have you ever done Operation Christmas Child before? Do you have some tips?

8 thoughts on “Shoebox Packing

  1. We haven’t done OCC for a few years, but usually someone in our church organizes it; I feel inspired to do it this year, watching your girls pack up boxes so cheerfully!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. It’s great to read about your OCC story too! We started packing them even before we had kids… and I remember when my kids were as young as yours packing them with us. Great memories!!!

    This year, aside from packing our own at home (as you have read), my daughter who is 13 now brought the idea up with her principal at school. The school community ended up packing 350 boxes!!!

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