What We’re Eating: Tomato Egg Stirfry

Image Source: seriouseats

So seeing how I’m Chinese and all, I figure I really should get some more Asian dishes on here.

Here’s one that we recently had. Why? We have LOTS of tomatoes!!!

Easy breezy TOMATO EGG. Yum! This recipe would probably only make enough for 4 servings if you were making another dish along with it. If not, I suggest making double. Don’t forget the sugar! That’s the key!

– Joyce

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4 thoughts on “What We’re Eating: Tomato Egg Stirfry

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  2. We make (a variation on) this almost every week! But we add a package of tofu, to fill it out. On my menu list for the week I call it “egg/tofu/tomato” because I can’t remember what we call it in Chinese. Sam thought that his mom’s friend invented it, but I guess it’s fairly standard. 🙂

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