What We’re Eating: Breakfast!

I found Meal Planning Magic through I’m an Organizing Junkie. I have been struggling to balance our breakfast times. It’s early and everyone’s I’m groggy. I usually don’t have a plan because we just have a variety of breakfast items around to choose from. That is a plus and a minus. I always end up asking Melody what she wants, and she always says, “Toaster Strudel”. Both girls are not the bestest fans of frozen breakfasts, so hopefully we have bagels around. Eggs  are popular around here. Anyhow, Meal Planning Magic had this handy dandy little menu. We started doing it this week, and it’s been working out great so that we can have variety in our morning meal without having to think too hard of what to make.

On Monday we had egg muffin (English muffins free, courtesy of my mom’s work union and BOGO 18-ct eggs super inexpensive). Yesterday we had toast with spinach and artichoke cream cheese. And this morning we had homemade chocolate chip waffles which I prepped last night after dinner. We’ll go with cereal tomorrow…probably Cinnamon Toast Crunch (yum!), and scrambled eggs on Friday. We have to finish our bread, so most likely french toast on Saturday, and whatever is left over of the  bagels on Sunday.

What’s your favorite breakfast foods?

– Joyce

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5 thoughts on “What We’re Eating: Breakfast!

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  2. Robert bought a Cuisinart classic waffle maker and has been making chocolate chip waffles for everybody on Saturday mornings. We had it for breakfast this morning.

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