Summer Reading Program Completion!

For all of the Summer Reading Program for SL library, we have been going to the main branch to collect Melody’s points and prizes. This is where we go to the usual storytime. On Saturday, they had the special family playtime storytime at the Manor branch and we knew that Hillary and her family would be there, so we headed out. I think H’s 2 kids, and our 2 had more fun entertaining each other than paying attention to the storytime. Emily and Ethan were totally giving each other kisses. Too cute! (for now anyway =p hehe) Some of the books and songs were the same as Thursday. But we get free books at this storytime. (Did I ever mention that I love free stuff? Did I also mention that I love libraries?)

After storytime, Melody went to show the volunteer the final 2 book reports that she did. She got the points and got to choose some prizes. She had no idea what to choose because she really wanted the inflatable fish which was 10 points but she only had 9 points. I had to teach her a little about savings. 😉 She chose the lei which K also got, and for the 1 point that was left, she couldn’t decide until the volunteer said the magic word, “Ring!” She had been talking about rings since my sister’s wedding, and has been pretending that a rubber band was her ring. =p So, of course, she chose the golden ring!! She was sooo happy. Oh, the simple joys. (The other prizes that Melody had already spent points on were bubbles and stickers.)

After that, she got her final prizes for completing 10 book reports. I knew Auntie Nancy (Aaron’s aunt who works for the library) was good at getting places to be sponsors for the program, but boy, we were in for a treat! Here’s what Melody got:
*Free Pass to Pop-in Playtime @ Pump It Up
*Free kid’s meal at Hometown Buffet
*Admit 1 child w/ 1 paying adult @ Fairyland
*1 Free child w/ paid adult @ Chabot Space & Science Center
*1 Child Admission to Oakland Zoo
*1 Free youth admission w/ paid adult to Lawrence Hall of Science
*1 student admitted free with purchase of adult admission to Lindsay Wildlife Museum
*1 free child Hopper Ticket to Legoland CA, Legoland Water Park, or Carlsbad Sealife Aquarium
*Free studio pass for drop-in art program at mocha (Museum of Children’s Art)
*Free personal pizza from Round Table Pizza w/ any pizza purchase
*1 Free kids meal at Fresh Choice

And of course, what everyone wants…

An invitation to the Summer Reading Carnival…will blog this after it happens. =)

– Joyce

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