Day 2 of VBS, or The Day the Watermelon Exploded…Kinda

Wow, lots of you wanted to read about me GETTING BUSTED. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. If only my life was that adventurous every day, our blog would get more views. =p

Well, what do you know? We were pretty darn close to getting to VBS on time. Only late by 2 minutes. Norm had his staff review today so home this morning…and that means an extra person using the bathroom to get ready. Anyhow, we checked in. It’s always great to see Tristan in the morning. =)

We all went to the sanctuary to drop Melody off. She gladly went to sit with her class. We sat in the middle pews. Emily started on the hand motions (meaning waving her arms around) right away as she watched the song leaders. It seems like the kids are all getting to know each other and the leaders. I went looking for Carol and Tammie (the children’s minister directors) after the big group time and pass through the gym to see some great teamwork putting together the snacks!

I’m not sure exactly what Melody does those 3 looooong hours away from me because she doesn’t really tell me too much, but Norm saw the kids pulling an anchor as he was going home after his staff review. (Not looking forward to convos like this…Me: How was your day? Kid: Okay. Me: What did you do? Kid: Nothing much.) So I asked her about that and she told me. She also said she they had white and brown chips with cheese and ranch dip. =)

Now to the watermelon part…It didn’t exactly explode, but I figured it was a better title than “The Day the Watermelon Leaked” or something similar. So after the assembly time and tracking down Carol and Tammie, I went to the post office with Emily to mail something and buy more stamps. (Can I just tell you how much easier things are when I only have 1 kid with me instead! I saw a brave dad with 4 kids with him at the grocery store the other day. How? What? Why?! I must be a wuss. My mom brought the 4 of us everywhere with her.)

Anyhoots, after that I was getting a plum for Emily for her snack, and saw that there was liquid all over the kitchen island. It was coming from the watermelon. So I had to wash everything. I moved the watermelon closer to the sink area. Later Norm came home and was telling me about the “foam” that was coming out. Sure enough, it was oozing out. It was oozing all day long. Then, after dinner I was washing the dishes and I hear a loud psshhhhhh sound. What?! Now, instead of juice and foam, actual watermelon…the red part! was coming out of the small hole! It sounds like the watermelon releasing gas. Okay, it gets better. Before putting the girls to bed Norm goes in the kitchen to find that the watermelon had a mini explosion. There are definitely projectile melon across the kitchen floor. And just a half hour ago, right before 10pm I hear the psshhhhh sound again.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what the inside of this thing looks like.

Note: Norm looked it up and the watermelon is evidently “fermenting”. Okay…what do we do with a fermented watermelon? Should we try to get our money back from Safeway? =p Or should we make watermelon beer/wine? It’s still making the noise. It might really explode tonight.

So that was the 2nd day of VBS and the story of how our watermelon “exploded”. Hope you enjoyed it.

Here’s Melody when she came home from church.

Come back tomorrow for another account of Summer Spectacular!

Oh, I forgot…after dinner, Melody was totally pretending to be the song leaders. “Everybody stand up for our next song.”

– Joyce

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