What We’re Eating: Honey Baked Chicken


Image Source: allrecipes.com

You know I’m always looking for a good chicken recipe. I found this yummy Honey Baked Chicken recipe. I always try to find recipes with ingredients that we have on hand already, and this one is one of those recipes. We got a chicken variety pack, so there was no need to do any chopping myself. This is actually the first recipe that I have ever done with separated egg. It calls for just the yolk, and I think I did an okay job separating the egg. I messed up our pastry/basting brush awhile ago, so I just poured on the mixture instead of brushing it on, and it worked fine. This is a super duper easy recipe and I’m going to make this again sometime during the remainder of the week. My only suggestion is to bake it the night before you want to eat it. We found that it actually tastes better the next day. Enjoy!

– Joyce

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