Family Favorites: Music

I know this Family Favorites is very general but it is true. Our whole family LOVES music. You know how in musicals the singers just burst out in song during a conversation? Well, that’s us!! We sing throughout the whole day. Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I guarantee that anyone who knows the song I’m singing will sing along. Seriously, when are we not singing? We sing when we change a diaper, we sing when we give a bath/shower, we sing during dinner (probably not the best idea), we sing when we wake up, even our toys sing. Operatic voices is really fun. =p You should really try it sometime, especially to old Disney tunes like A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes or Once Upon a Dream. And you can’t forget that Norm plays a million instruments so he tries to play something in the evenings for the kids. If there is a hip hoppin’ CD on,. we love a good dance party. A great (my only) workout too! The best is that music is the best way to learn almost anything. It’s how I memorized the 10 commandments, the 50 states of the US and their capitols, tons of memory verses, books of the Bible (I sense a theme going on here), the planets…it’s how Melody learned all the months of the year, days of the week, how to spell our names, the weather…music, we love it! Sound of Music anyone? Man, how cool are we? =)

– Joyce

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5 thoughts on “Family Favorites: Music

  1. Way, way back…before dishwashers were common in everyone’s kitchen…my sister and I always had to do the dishes everynight…to make it enjoyable, we always sang while we did it….and the best memory of my mom, while I was growing up, was quietly singing church hymns while she worked around the house…I tried doing it the other day…it definitely relaxes you and puts you in a better mood!

  2. After all this time on Xanga, I finally know your real name and what you look like 🙂

    Do you remember that show a looooong time ago… Rags to Riches? They used to sing all the time.

    My kids and I love to sing too. They’re the only ones that appreciate my voice.

    • haha, i know. i’m ‘anonymous’ over there.

      no, i don’t remember that show. i’ll try to find it on youtube.

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