Summer Reading Program

Melody signed up for the CV summer reading game when it started. For every 30 minutes of reading (which we can usually do in one day), Melody gets to color in a droplet. For each droplet, she can spin the spinner to move along the spaces (1 or 2 spaces) on her game board. There is a 1st prize halfway through and a final prize at the end.

Aaron’s aunt works for the SL Main and was telling us how fab the SL summer reading program was, which I know already. I caved and we went in last Wednesday to sign up (and made it to storytime on time!). We made it just in time for Melody to do 2 book reports each week until the end to collect the prizes and go to the carnival. You have to read 10 books and write (or draw if you can’t write) a summary. For each book you read you get a stamp. And you can "fish" for more points if it’s a matching piece for that reports picture. You can spend the points or save up for a bigger prize. At the end, you get 10(?) prizes.

Melody is really enjoying doing the book reports. She feels like she is in school…haha nerd!…just like her mama. =p I am so proud of her because she has learned to read about 15 or so sight words. And she loves when the teenage volunteers say ‘Keep reading!’ after she finishes stamping her board.

For CV’s program’s 1st prize Melody got a cool glow-in-the-dark bracelet, temporary "READ" tattoo, and museum passes to Lawrence Hall of Science, Charles Schulz museum, and Chabot Space & Science Center.

We don’t have much planned for the summer but we look forward to 2 birthday parties and Norm’s parents’ 35th anniversary coming up the rest of this month.

– Joyce
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6 thoughts on “Summer Reading Program

  1. oooo..Charles Schulz musem. I didn’t know there was one close by there. I’ll have to go next time. Maybe Melody can come with me and be my tour guide. haha. I can’t believe that Melody is soo smart and can read so many books. Good Job !!!

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