No Parking

We were driving down our block one day and a thought popped into my head. Yes, my friends, this happens from time to time. Don’t laugh. I got this thought because we passed by a house with the garage door up, and I was just thinking that our neighbors had a ton of stuff in there. Boxes filled the whole garage, all the way to the door.

So, here’s my thought. We are the only ones on our entire street who parks in the garage. There are a few houses we aren’t sure about, but for those ones, we see cars parked out front in the driveway or the street. Unless they have more than 3 cars (which is unlikely seeing how most of the homes here are 2/1s and have older people living in them), they most likely use their garage for storage too.

The previous homeowners of our home also used the garage to store stuff. They even had toys hanging off of the garage door rims. I’m not sure if any of you have heard of the show Hoarders. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this show, but it’s about people who hoard stuff. I mean they have a serious problem. I watched one whole episode online, and it was just horrible, the people’s living conditions, not the show (although the show is not the best either, sorry to all you Hoarders fans out there). It is really sad actually. But I digress.

– Joyce

4 thoughts on “No Parking

  1. Yes, we park in our garage. Always have; always will. We have two cars, and they both sleep in their “home”-the garage. Now, we use the garage for storage, too. We have placed boards and planks on the rafters, and have some boxes stored up there. We also have some hooks and pegs on the walls to store misc chairs and other stuff. There are even some bookshelves along the walls for low use things. I love my garage and the cars love it too.

  2. Our house is really old and the garage is teeny tiny. I tried to park it in once and couldn’t get out of my compact car. It is also in a terrible place for pulling out of our driveway. Now, we use it to store gardening supplies, a chest freezer, firewood etc and we park our Hobie Cat in front of it.

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  4. We park in our garage, and use it for storage. I like parking in the garage. If it is raining or snowing it is so much nicer to walk out to the garage and get into your car instead of having to clean off the snow or get wet.

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