Four Mothers

I haven’t been on as much lately, but really, I do enjoy sleep (which is what I wasn’t doing when I was blogging…obviously). =p

So I never got around to it, but here’s a late Mother’s Day post.

I wanted to share my thoughts on motherhood, but really, I’m so drained from being a mom that I can’t string out a coherent thought right now.

Here are 4 fantastic moms I know:

My Mommy!! I love her, and yes, I still call her Mommy. We share a birthday, March 19 (mark it down on your calendars boys and girls). This year, I am the age that she is when she had me. The photo is from last year when I was pregnant with Emily. I have a more recent one, but I’m too lazy to find it right now.

My Grams! This is my dad’s mom. She’s 103…or 104…oh who’s keeping track anyway? We stop counting after 100 right? ;p She has the sharpest memory of anyone I know. I swear she’s keeping track in her head how many visits she gets from each of her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids (#14 is arriving this summer! Congrats to my cousin May! I’ll be lucky if I get 2 or 3). I need to get some tally marks after my name. This pic was from 2008.

My Granny! This is my mom’s mom. She passed away last January. I learned a lot from her humble spirit. I have seriously never met anyone else like her. What an example she has set for those who have known her. This was the summer of 2008?

And I can’t miss my MIL! She’s actually in Hong Kong right now, and I sent her a Mother’s Day message, but to the wrong email address (I was doing it from my phone and I don’t have email addresses in there). I’ll try to remember to send it again later. What can I say? This lady taught my husband to love the Lord with all his heart, and she loves her granddaughters to pieces!!! as evidenced below in the photo of her and the girls last month.

I have lots to say about each of these wonderful women, but it may fill a whole book. Maybe I’ll write a book. Yes, that’s what I will do. I’ll let you know how it goes. Please don’t hold me to these words. Thank you.

Sidenote: I wear my hair up a lot huh?

– Joyce

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