Family Favorites: Vaseline

I have rediscovered Vaseline. Melody had some inflammation on her hand and the doctor told us to put some hydrocortisone on it and seal it with Vaseline. It is healed now, thank goodness because it wasn’t pretty. Thanks Vaseline!

And during the winter months my lips get super duper duper chapped. I decided to put Vaseline on at night before bed, and it does the trick! I have forgotten that we used it a lot when we were kids. My other line of defense is Softlips but it’s so bad during the winter, and it doesn’t have any healing power like petroleum jelly. Thanks again Vaseline!

What do you use for chapped lips? What are some other uses for Vaseline?

– Joyce

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4 thoughts on “Family Favorites: Vaseline

  1. Hmmmm…I might need to break out the vaseline again! My lips get chapped a lot.
    Just wanted to drop by since I didn’t get around very much this weekend for Company Girl Coffee (since we were out of town). Have a great week!

  2. It might sound odd, but I like Lansinoh (it’s, um, a nipple cream for nursing mothers). It’s made from Lanolin, so it’s completely natural. It’s a tad sticky, but if you put it over wounds and then a bandaid on top, they heal really quick. And it’s great for chapped lips. It promotes “moist wound healing”, as I think the box says.

    I’m slowly catching up with CGC, and I managed to bounce around to your site – we visit a few that are the same!

    Enjoy your week …

    • Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with Lansinoh. I’ve learned not to wash it off and just wipe instead. I never thought of using it for wounds. Thanks for stopping by. I think I’ve tried to comment a few times on your blog, but it didn’t go through. Hope it will work out soon.

  3. I used to have to use Vaseline on my hands a lot when I was younger. They got so chapped during the winter that they’d crack and bleed. I also use it on my nose during the winter, if it gets chapped from having a cold. Vaseline can work wonders just overnight. 🙂

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