What We’re Eating: Truffle

I found THIS RECIPE for truffles awhile back but was intimidated by how to melt chocolate, especially without a double boiler, and I’m not the greatest with the microwave. I asked Norm to pick up some chocolate (I hate shopping remember?) and finally went for it. This sounded like an easy recipe, but there were a few things I had to figure out on my own as I was making it.

I had a hard time shaping the mixture into balls. I did one with my hands, but that didn’t go to well, so I just used two spoons. It was not a ball shape, but it worked. I made them too big too.

I asked Eileen (my sister Jen’s friend) for tips afterwards (should have asked beforehand), and she suggested using gloves to roll the the truffles into balls. This recipe calls for cream cheese, but I found from the Pioneer Woman‘s site that she uses sweetened condensed milk. I will have to try that next time to see what the difference is. Anyhow, it came out oddly shaped, but still scrumptious!

We tried both cocoa powder and powdered sugar. It was hard to get a thin layer of either one on the truffles. Any tips/suggestions? I prefer the powdered sugar, but they taste great plain too. I totally forgot to do the sprinkles, but already had it in the fridge for awhile when I remembered.

– Joyce

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