The Big 3-0!

So here I am, another year older. I’m feeling wiser already. =p

We actually celebrated with my family the Sunday before because I am birthday twins with my mommy! Yup, I was born on my mother’s birthday. What a wonderful gift she got! haha I am now the exact age that she was when she had me. Oops, am I not supposed to give her age away? =p Some photos from that day (from Norm’s phone)…

Norm took the day off on my birthday which was Friday, and the girls had an appointment yesterday, so he had a 4-day weekend. Norm’s parents and Len came over on Friday, so they watched the girls while we went out to eat at Burma Superstar in Alameda. You can read Norm’s review of this restaurant on Thursday. I’ll just tell you now that it was pretty durn yummy food. They are also located in San Francisco (Richmond District) and Oakland. A few photos from my birthday lunch (you can see more on Friday). And it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

And of course, hanging out with my little monkeys pirates babies.

Oh, I forgot…I made truffles. I’ll share about that tomorrow. And of course, we had cake. We finished it off last night. Yum!

– Joyce

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