What We’re Eating: Apple Dumplings


Image Source: Pioneer Woman

I’ve been on a total Pioneer Woman kick lately so you will see more recipe links to her site on our blog in the future.

I tried this APPLE DUMPLINGS recipe a while back. You think it’s healthy because it has the word ‘apple’ in it, but it’s probably a resolution breaker if you had a goal of keeping healthy this year. It is yummy though.

We never have Mountain Dew and we’re actually not big on drinking soda, but we did have some ginger ale around, so we used that instead of Mountain Dew. I’m not sure what difference it makes but just go with whatever you like or have I guess. I would also recommend putting in less sugar than is instructed. This recipe is super sweet!! Unless of course you like seeing your dentist more than the suggested 2 times a year. I’m sure s/he wouldn’t mind.


2 thoughts on “What We’re Eating: Apple Dumplings

  1. I have been obsessed with the pioneer woman recently too, I just got her cookbook from the library and so far LOVE everything I have tried, that is too funny we have so many things in common :0)

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