What We’re Eating: Garlic Croutons


Image Source: allrecipes.com

So for the longest time, I have been meaning to make my own CROUTONS because I find that the store-bought kind is either too hard or stales too fast even though we eat a lot of salad (yes, even Melody!! She LOVES salad). I finally got around to it, and found that it is sooo simple and now I know what to do with the heels whenever we buy bread. Now I think to myself, Why didn’t we do this early.

I’ve always read that you have to use day-old or staling bread, but I didn’t find that to be true. The recipe says to use french bread, but I used bread that we just bought and it turned out great.

What are you waiting for? Go make some croutons for that salad you’re making. You are having salad, right? It’s only February, so I’m assuming you’re still keeping up with your New Years resolutions. (BTW, we also make our own salad dressing, but more on that later.)

– Joyce

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