What We’re Eating: Monkey Bread


Image Source: allrecipes.com

I forgot how I found a MONKEY BREAD recipe originally. I think I happened upon a blog where a mom had made monkey bread with the kids that morning. It sounded really yummy and easy to make.

I had forgotten to tell Norm exactly how much of the biscuits to buy, so it was less than the recipe’s requirement. I adjusted the amount and it turned out pretty good. I would suggest making a bit more of the sauce to cover the biscuits.

For our first attempt I gave Melody the day off from baking because she was in the middle of watching Tarzan with her Uncle Bakkie (although she wanted to help). This is an easy one for the kiddos to do. They will love shaking the dough balls in the sugar/cinnamon mix.

Oh that reminds me of another tip…use just a little less sugar and cinnamon for the mix. There was too much left over. And one last suggestion – buy the 3 cans of 12 oz instead of 2 cans of 16 oz (and reducing) like we did. The smaller the dough balls, the more tastier it will be because more surface area will be covered by the mix and sauce. We didn’t add walnuts and raisins like the recipe called for because we didn’t have any, but it was delish anyway!

– Joyce

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