A New Year

Scroll down to see Christmas post for Company Girl Coffee.

A new year. A new you? A new me? A new us? A new blog? Maybe. Kinda. Sorta. Last January we “launched” our blog after we abandoned our website (which was an unexpectedly good plan since Geocities is no longer).

Prior to our blog, we sent out monthly, quarterly, or yearly emails to update our friends and family around the world (saving us a lot on postage, although some still received something in the form of snail mail from time to time). Even with sending out our emails in groups, we sent so much it ended up in people’s spam boxes.

The blog is an easier way for us to update, but it seems no one reads our blog unless we…you guess it!…unless we email them about it. So we blogged about how to subscribe to our blog.

There will be some new/different things on our blog this year after some of you took our poll.

We look forward to sharing our adventures and non-adventures with all of you! Happy New Year!

Your turn! Share your thoughts with us.

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