Our Week in Photos (Week 48 of 52)

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We had our dinner last Saturday. You can read about our non-Pilgrim-like menu here – Thanksgiving Dinner 2009 and see photos of Melody cooking up a storm here – Week 48 of 52. (12/3 edit: photos moved to Week 47) We went out to eat with Norm’s family yesterday, and tomorrow we will celebrate Toby at his red egg and ginger party. Oh, and also we found out why Emily has been wearing 6-9 month clothes for awhile now. She had her 6-month appointment on Tuesday. She is in the 75%tile in height and weight. She’s been rolling around a lot and does these high pitch sounds all the time. She’s been doing great with all the foods that she’s tried. Melody continue to amaze us with her memory. She will hear a song once and can sing it with the melody. Glad her name is a good fit for her. =p Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

– Joyce

Fr om Week 48 of 52
From Week 48 of 52

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