Our Week in Photos (Week 38 of 52)

Highlights of the week:
**Castro Valley Fall Festival – Norm took Melody to the festival after naptime on Sunday, and Emily and I were going to join them when Emily woke up, but that never happened. She just slept and slept. Norm did bring back some funnel cake and corn. Yum! Melody even saw a goose. Good thing the rain didn’t come…although it did come pouring at night.
**Going to the San Lorenzo Library for the first time since the book-moving is starting at CV library (man, Melody looks so little in those pix). They have a little park right in front with 2 play structures, and there were no kids there (until the preschool next door let out). Not much for kids to do inside the library though…besides the usual.
**Last Saturday we had some friends over. Melody had so much fun with the kids. And thanks  Jack and Eric for cooking some yummy Korean food for lunch.

Pray for Melody and my nephew as they haven’t been feeling well lately.

For more photos of my girls: Week 38 of 52

– Joyce

From Week 38 of 52

7 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 38 of 52)

  1. Hi Joyce!Just stopped by to say hello and let you know that you are the winner of my book giveaway from last coffee chat! Let me know where you’d like me to send them and they will be on their way! Have a great week!

  2. I will be praying for your family’s health. My youngest was sick with the flu last weekend and it was not fun.

    I love fall. It is short lived around here though. Seems like the leaves turn and then before you know it…SNOW!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Great picture! Looks like a fun group. 2 out of threee is excellent! I’d take that for sure! I NEVER have all of mine looking at the camera. Impossible!
    I do hope the little ones are well quickly! Praying for no flu!
    Have blessed weekend!

  4. I’m sorry that Melody hasn’t been feeling well…that always seems to be harder on the momma…..it’s really nice that Melody and Norm got to spend some time together at the festival though,….some good daddy/daughter bonding time…and you still got a treat!…plus some quiet time…bonus!

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