Our Week in Photos (Week 34 of 52)

SaturdayRigatoni’s and Yogofina with Norm’s cousins and family
SundayDaimo with Aaron’s family (It was great to meet Jen’s future in-laws!!)
Thursday – Norm and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! (See album for details. =p)

Tomatoes news: I think we might have even more tomatoes this year than last. The count is up to 68! Anyone have some tomato recipes to share with us?

Small Things news: I’ve been keeping up with all the Small Things this month! Yippee! Couldn’t do the pet one since we’re not pet people. So I got a day off there, and then yesterday I kinda got a break because the Small Thing was “Selah“.

Visit our album to see what else went on this week: Week 34 of 52

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

– Joyce

From Week 34 of 52

7 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 34 of 52)

  1. Your girls are so precious! Tomatoes…yum! My husband made delicious salsa out of most of our extras. Yay for you for keeping up with the Small Things! This is my first month to do it and I’ve done really well too.

  2. Hello Joyce – I’m new to your blog and enjoyed my visit! Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary, may you have many more blessed years together!

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend,

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