Our Week in Photos (Week 33 of 52)

Started out the week in “the city” (that would be San Francisco for those who aren’t from “the city” and didn’t know that’s what it’s called). I miss it, but I don’t miss it. haha I had a good time sans kiddos at Allison’s bridal shower. Norm watched them (nap) at his parents’ house which was only 10 minutes away, so if need be, I was on call anyhow. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful as I have not been feeling well. Oh I forgot, we ended last week with a celebration! My older sister’s birthday.

Other than that, photos are mostly from around the house in the album Week 33 of 52. Our tomato count is up to 32 now! Chayote squash count is at 1 with another ready to be picked really soon, and I think a little one growing.

On another note I’ve completed all the Small Things so far, except one. Oh, another thing…Melody is 2 1/2 years old on the 9th, and Emily is 3 months old yesterday!!! I feel like I need to start stocking up on school supplies soon. (Actually, I hear that there are a ridiculous amount on the list nowadays because schools can’t afford to provide them for the kids.)

BART (our railway transit) workers are on strike so Norm’s going to have to bus to work. The commute is going to be super long. =( Because of lower enrollment at the school my sister teaches at there is going to be only one Kindergarten class on her campus. She will have 24(?) students instead of the usual 17(?). I’m rambling now, but we’ll end on a happy note…CONGRATS to our friends Mat and Janet who had their 2nd baby last Friday, 8/7. Hannah is now a big sister to Jeremy!

Updated: Photos on Melody and Emily‘s pages.

– Joyce

From Week 33 of 52

5 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 33 of 52)

  1. What sweet babies! And it probably wouldn’t hurt to start stocking up on school supplies! =) We love pens, paper, and school supplies at our house so we actually buy them for mommy & daddy to use. lol Hope you have a lovely day and it was nice sharing a cup of coffee with you!

  2. I first looked at the photo and thought…”Emily is already STANDING at 3 months??” So advanced. She’s getting some cute chubbiness going on.

    How I love the matching dresses!

  3. I have to buy school supplies for three now, and one of them is starting to transition into adult clothing so he’s costing a lot more all the way around. Who’s idea was it to have these money suckers anyway? 😉 I can’t beleive Emily is already three months old. She’s precious! I love her hair! My older two were only two years apart and I did matching outfits until Mark started kindergarten. Hope you have a great week! We’ve been so busy this summer I’ve not had much time to catch up with everyone, I was glad to see you at company girl coffee.

  4. Oh Joyce…thank you for stopping by…I never had time to do Company Girls this past Friday…..thanks for the sweet comment abt my quilts and my grandgirls…ya, I think they’re pretty special too! I hope you’re feeling better soon!

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