Sites We Love: I’m An Organizing Junkie

Laura is an organizing junkie, but so I am! She has tips about organizing your home, and hosts giveaways of organizing products. is also home of the popular Menu Plan Monday (MPM). If you are stuck on what to cook for the week, “steal” someone else’s weekly menu. You can choose from over 300+ menus sometimes. I like Laura’s Monthly Organizing Round-ups. I think this was another Google Reader recommendation.

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2 thoughts on “Sites We Love: I’m An Organizing Junkie

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  2. Welcome to my world! I turned my organizing jones into a career when I started Functional, Fashionable. Check out my blog ( for tips and product promotions!

    I recently learned how to cover hat boxes with fabric – they make great storage solutions and are really fun to cover. I use my stack of 5 boxes as a stand-in night table since my bedroom is kind of small. It looks and works great!

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