Our Week in Photos (Week 29 of 52)

This past week was quite eventful. We were able to spend time with lots of family and some friends. And we also have wonderful news to share. My little sister Jenny got engaged on Saturday. Welcome to the family (soon) Aaron! Yippee!! I get to be a matron of honor. I’ve help to plan/coordinate many weddings already, but this is my first time actually being in a wedding, besides my own. You can check out a photo of the lovely and silly couple in this week’s album: Week 29 of 52. See, they’re wacky. I love them! I think Melody loves them more.

Sorry Company Girls, I haven’t been keeping up with the Small Things this month either. I am doing my daily tasks that I have on my housekeeping schedule though. Yay for that! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I will, because I’m going to attend a wedding of a college friend who I met when we were in Campus Crusade! And perhaps head over to a BBQ at a high school friend’s house…don’t know how much activity the kiddos can take.

– Joyce

From Week 29 of 52

3 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 29 of 52)

  1. Well, Joyce, as usual your girlies are the cutest…isn’t it great to see how they look at the things around us that we take for granted! Congrats on your sister’s engagement….I have a daughter that I really wish would announce hers….all in good time I guess, but I’m not a fan of this living together! :0(

  2. Wonderful happy news! Congratulations to your sister and her fiance! I love seeing you pictures. Those little ones are precious!

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