Where’s Miss Tina?

I took the girls to the library for storytime yesterday. This was my first time out with the 2 kiddos by myself. We’re trying to get back into the groove of things. I’m going over in my head how to take the kids out of the car, and who to take out first, etc… haha

It was pretty cold out, and I was just praying that it wouldn’t rain on us. We actually got to storytime on time…which sometimes doesn’t happen even if I only had 1 kid with me. We got there, and Grandma Pat (the senior volunteer at the library) was super happy to see Melody.

But wait! Where’s Miss Tina? She’s the lady that does the storytime. She’s the best. She really gets the kids engaged in the stories and the songs. (At another branch, there’s this lady that just sits there and all the kids are talking and she doesn’t really know the songs, etc…We just go for the free book and snack. Hey, we’re Asian. )

Anyhow, it was another librarian. We missed her introducing herself because we were talking to Grandma Pat, but we think it’s Miss Kelly who does the Dial-A-Story when you call in to listen to a book being read. She had some good songs, but it’s just not the same.

Emily just slept the whole time (thank goodness!!), and when it ended Melody waited patiently for all the other kids to get their hand stamped, and then went to get hers. (Seriously, some parents need to not push through the “line” with their kid to get the stamp. Everyone will get one. Some of the kids get trampled…by the parents. Oy! The librarian has asked parents to help form a line, but I think it’s only happened once. It’s a stamp for crying out loud! I’ve seen some parents push their kids forward to get the stamp…..)

That was the San Leandro Main Library. We went to the library closer to home today. They don’t have storytime for toddlers there (although I’m sure we can just go to the preschool one), but we checked out some books, some DVDs, and some CDs. That should hold us over for the next week. hehe We are definitely nerdy bookworms.

2 thoughts on “Where’s Miss Tina?

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  2. I’m so glad I’m past that juggling stage, now that my two boys are old enough to get themselves out of the car. Which one to get out first? My personal opinion would be to get the baby out first since she’s not going to run anywhere. THEN the curious toddler. That’s what worked for me anyway. Kudos to you for venturing out into the world with two little ones =)

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