Going to the Chapel

Okay…not really the chapel…but we went to church today…all of us…for the first time since Emily was born. Norm led worship last week, so he had to be there, but for 3 weeks we stayed home and watched the live streaming video online. But we did it today.

Melody had still been going through her strange anxiety thing before Emily was born, and since we hadn’t been to church in so long, we weren’t sure how she would react. We did get there a little late. Norm took Emily to service with him. I stayed for a bit with Melody, but she seemed to be enjoying her time with the kids coloring at the table. I told her, “Mommy’s going to church. I’ll be back to pick you up later.” She stood up and said, “Daddy?” and looked for Norm. “He took Emily to church already.” Then she just went to the play area to play with the other kids.

I hope she’ll be okay next week…and that this anxiety thing will dissolve on its own. I think she’s okay just because we haven’t been giving her as much attention anyhow, and she’s had to be more independent lately. She was fine to go with her friends, especially since she hadn’t seem them in such a long time.

Poor Emily was introduced to everyone with her newborn acne at its peak (I hope). She just slept the whole time.

– Joyce

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