March Update: Celebrate Good Times

This month has quite a few highlights. Joyce started serving at FPCH as the receptionist for the Children’s Ministry. It has been a challenge to find a way to serve in a capacity that is flexible. We also celebrated our 1st anniversary as homeowners! Joyce also had an appointment on that day too. The beginning of the 3rd trimester has been more tough this 2nd time around, but we have less than 52 days left. Melody says the baby will be here May 7th so that would be 36 days. We’ve been visiting friends and having friends visit before things get too busy around here and traveling will be a bit limited. Joyce’s old classmate visited with her 2 sons to drop a few things off. We had the Bagais over for quesadilla lunch. The girls had a lot of fun. Jen and Aaron also stopped by for dinner recently. Last Saturday, we went to San Bruno to see Jonathan and Wendy…and Kimchi too. It was Melody’s first time up close to a cat. Another cause for celebration was Joyce and her mom’s birthday. Joyce was treated by the Moys to some Vietnamese cuisine at Le Soleil. That same day, we received news of Mikayla’s birth! And the following week, Toby’s birth! Hooray!!! Even more fun 0 Melody got to attend 2 special storytimes this month. Norm had a few opportunities for interviews, and meeting with more recruiters. Oh, and then there was jury duty…

Week 10 of 52
Week 11 of 52
Week 12 of 52
Week 13 of 52

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