No Joke

It was a lovely day today. It was a rough night…trying to get Melody to bed, and she woke up early this morning. But…

We had a great day! You’ll see more on Friday in Our Week in Photos. We went to the library for storytime. Melody got 2 stamps, one on each hand. And Grandma Pat was back. She does help to maintain some sanity among the kiddos during the storytime. hehe

Since it was nice and sunny out, with a cool breeze, we went to the park. Last week we went to the park closer to the library, but then everyone came after the playtime. So, we decided to go to the park closer to home. There were a TON of people there!!! At least there are 4 play structures. I hear they’re going to open the water park again…although we’re in a drought (STATE OF EMERGENCY, people!!). Anyhow, it was fun. We came home and had leftover pizza from last night. We went to Papa Murphy’s for pizza yesterday because they were having a fundraiser for a little girl who has a rare kidney disease. Papa Murphy’s was donating 75%!!! of all business from yesterday to the family. Melody liked the Garlic Chicken pizza with tomato.

Come back on Friday to see park photos. For some reason, we have a lot of photos already from this week…maybe to make up for the lack of last week.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

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