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Organizing BlogThe challenge for this month over at I’m an Organizing Junkie is to work on organizing our photos. I loved the results of last month’s round-up on organizing recipes, so I took up the challenge with our photos. It was easier than I thought, but there’s still a few things to do. I really can’t recall when some of the photos were taken. I can’t wait to see how everyone else did on their Monthly Round-Up. Next month is organizing closets/cupboards. This is perfect timing because my uncle and cousin just installed our drop-down ladder to the attic, and we are going send a few things up there.

Photo Organization
Here is the mess I started with. I had most of the photos sorted out by year, but a lot were still scattered here and there. The only thing we had going for us was that ALL our printed photos are stored in the same place, under the bench in the living room. Most albums are in the middle where it is open and people can see them. The unalbumed photos found homes on either side.
img_39041 img_39051

The sections up close and personal.
img_39071 img_39061 img_39081

Thank goodness for digital or else I would not remember when any of them were taken. I dated as many as I could, which did not take was long as I thought it might, and ended up with two shoeboxes. I was going to wrap the boxes in pretty paper, but I think the boxes look fine. There are still a few homeless ones that I have no idea of when they are from, and also somethings called negatives. They got another little box. I think they sell “negative binders” so we’ll have to look into that.

The right side is pretty organized now. The middle is usually organized (but Melody loves to look at the albums all the time). The left side still needs a touch here and there. We’re getting rid of 2 albums that I know we won’t use. And there’s another that we plan to find a new home for too. It is only half filled and not really in any particular order with any specific event in it. Plus, it is one of those “magnetic” ones which eventually become nonmagnetic over time.


img_39651 img_39661 img_39671


We are actually only working with a little over a decade’s worth of photos because our parents still have all our albums from when we were younger.

Digital Photo Organization
We have tried to be organized from the beginning. Usually photos are uploaded by the end of the day, if not in it’s own folder then in the one titled “normtosort” or “joycetosort” to be done by the end of the week. At the end of this past year, I started “Our Week in Photos” and now we have all “important” photos in weekly albums to be printed so that we don’t have to sort through the thousands at the end of the year to print out. So…Norm and I each have a folder under “My Pictures”. In the folder are the yearly folders. We only keep 3 years worth on the laptop, and the rest are stored in the external harddrive with “important” photos printed out already. Melody gets a special CD burned of her photos by months as well as a slideshow powerpoint for each year…so 2 years so far.

What’s Next?
In the future, I would like to get more “matching” albums, like those for sale during the holidays at Target, so everything will be more uniform. But it looks like the photo boxes are okay right now. Eventually, all will have move from the bench once it gets full, but by then the bookcases will be in the living room. Not sure how I feel about photobooks…takes a little too much time for me, but maybe once the kids start school we will do them for their schoolwork, etc.

Memorabilia Organization
Memorabilia organization is not as interesting so I won’t bore you with the details. Old report cards, awards, other “important” papers are kept is a plastic storage container.

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