I Won a Digital Camera

sony_cybershot_dscw120My new camera arrived! Christine over at From Dates to Diapers and Beyond! had a digital camera giveaway awhile back, and I was the winner! Out of 582 entries (I was entries 44 and 45), I was randomly chosen. Now, I am the owner of a Sony Cybershot… I still have yet to use the camera. It’s small which is great because you all know I carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE I go…seriously. And it’s pink. That’s all I know about it at the current time but I’ll update with a review over at our review blog once I spend some quality time with it. If you want to get in on the winning action, visit Christine’s blog. She’s a Christian and a mom of 6!

– Joyce

4 thoughts on “I Won a Digital Camera

  1. How fun was that that you won a digital camera! I have a small DC as well, and it literally does go everywhere with me. I take pics while I’m driving of the the places I’m passing, the waves at the beach, the seagulls stopping to eat from someone’s hand, ducks crossing the road – anything. That’s the joy of digital – snap away and you know somewhere in there you will find a piece of heaven to include in your memento’s.
    Firenze Cards

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