It wasn’t just recently that I became “green” and living more naturally, but it was more recently that I became a homeowner and am more able to “control” my “green” status.

We’re always been recyclers, and we’re so happy that our county takes plastics #1-7 in the bin, instead of just certain numbered plastics like before.

Something I was on and off with was foodscrapping. We have a little bin next to the kitchen sink but I wasn’t ever too conscience about being consistent. I made it one of my goals to foodscrap this year and we’re doing great so far. It’s made a HUGE difference in the amount of garbage we produce. What makes it easier is saving up cereal, cookie, or cracker boxes to put the scraps in…a lot cleaner to put into the compost bin. Will work on composting on our own one day…

I know people have many loads of laundry that they spread out over the week to do, but I found that it is best for us to do it all in one day. Once the washer/dryer has been used already, the time it takes to wash/dry a load is shortened a bit, so it gets done faster. The trick is to make sure you know when a load is done (our dryer makes a loud beeping sound), put a new load in the wash as the other load moves to the dryer. We’ll work on line-drying one day…

Tote Bags
Those store tote bags!!! Love them! We’ve cut down on how many bags we have stuffed in the drawers. The drawers thank you I’m sure. The tote bags hold more and are easier to carry in my opinion. Sometimes we even tell the baggers not to bag items for us…if it’s something big like gallons of milk.

And we’re been using Seventh Generation cleaners since Melody was born. Actually, I just cleaned ALL the windows with it yesterday. It works just as well as other cleaners I’ve used, and doesn’t have the horrible cleaner fumes.

Veggie Garden
Also, since we’ve moved and have an area in the yard for planting a garden, my dad helped us to plant some tomatoes, zucchinis, and corn. We got over 200 tomatoes last year. He helped us to plant some squash 2 weeks ago, and we’re going to plant a few other things too. It beats having to pay for some of the stuff at the store for sure.

Doing these few things don’t change our lifestyles too much, but I’m sure it’s making an impact on our environment. I’d love to hear what you do to live more naturally too.

“This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network for the How Are You Living More Naturally? Blog Blast with SC Johnson’s Natural Cleaners.”


– Joyce

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