Evolution of Anxiety

Okay, we might be almost done with this whole anxiety phase that Melody is going through. A few weeks after it started, we realized that it’s not truly and wholly separation anxiety. You can see her little brain going, and she started getting a little nervous when we got ready to go somewhere, or if someone were coming to visit. It took awhile, but she would calm down. When my former high school classmate was coming over with her 2 kids, I decided to tell Melody about their visit a few minutes before. She was crying thinking about it, and within a minute of their arrival she stopped.

And also at church, it was the same thing…she would have a mini-freakout at home or in the car before getting to church, but once we got there, she was fine. Now, we just don’t tell her what’s going to happen, and she seems to be okay with that. Except with church, she knows that we go on Sundays, and the whole routine of it all, so she’s still a little nervous. You know because she tries to get out of going, or stalling by not changing her clothes. But she didn’t cry one bit yesterday!! Hurray!…only because I totally distracted her with songs, and crazy noises.

2/18 – Update on the Separation Anxiety
2/11 – Separation Anxiety

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