Our Week in Photos (Week 7 of 52)

Some photos from this week:
Week 7 of 52
Melody’s Birthday Photos

Our Week
We started off celebrating Melody’s 2nd birthday!! I can’t believe she’s 2 already, and learning so much each day. (We are still working on her 2-year update…..) We celebrated on Sunday, but for her actual birthday on Monday, we didn’t do too much. Anyhow, for her birthday we opened some gifts, and headed over to my sister’s house to visit Baby Sam. Wednesday was storytime, but I let Norm take Melody in so she wouldn’t always just cling to me. Norm was supposed to be home on Thursday night since we’re having a guest musician come in for Sunday worship (no leading, guitar/bass/piano/keys playing, or sound board…), but because they changed the sound board, he had to go in when they were training some new people to work the board to see the changes. And today? It’s gloomy outside, but we’re going to drop off some books to the library, make a deposit at the bank, and then go to Joann to pick out some fabric to make a pillow for Melody. She’s hogging my pillow that my mommy made for me. haha

Prayer for
*Norm as he is still looking for work. Excerpt from January Update: Beginnings and Endings –  “So here we are, 15 weeks from the birth of our 2nd baby (exciting!) without income (not so exciting).” Except now it’s 14 weeks left… We should be getting a phone call today about a 2nd round interview. We’ll keep you updated.
*Joyce for the rest of the pregnancy. I should be going in for the glucose tolerance test within the next week. The 2nd trimester is coming to an end…
*Melody has been going through some separation anxiety…don’t know why and don’t know what to do…=\

Small Things
I actually did all the Small Things this week. Hooray for me! My favorite is the doorknobs/lightswitches one, just because it’s something I do anyway, so very easy points for me. A lot of people overlook it, but when you think about it, these are commonly touched places in our homes that probably transfer a lot of bacteria from person-to-person. And I did find out something about Norm from the “Where Do I Belong?” Small Things…

– Joyce

From Week 7 of 52 (Melody’s Birthday)

8 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 7 of 52)

  1. You mean you are not going to tell us what you learned? Waaah. But I understand. Last year, I posted this small thing and a lady asked her husband to tell her something that she didn’t know about him. He leaned forward and said, “I just farted.” That’s one she probably didn’t need to know!

    I will pray for Norm’s job, I know that is stressful! You are going to see the Lord provide for you, hang in there!

  2. Your birthday picture of your little girl is just lovely! It must be very stressful for you to be expecting a new babe with Norm’s employment situation…I will be praying that he gets a job very soon.

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