Separation Anxiety

It’s funny because there’s an article in the current issue of Parenting magazine about this subject. So just when you thought your child skipped the whole separation anxiety thing, they freak out one day when you leave to go somewhere. What? But you’ve been to this church nursery, and you’ve seen these people who take care of you for almost a year!

This was the scene at the church 2 weeks ago, and then again last week. Melody had a total meltdown after I left her during the 1st hour. We usually don’t go to 1st hour because she’s just getting up, but she got up early and so I dropped her off. She’s not too familiar with the caregivers there, but it has NEVER been a problem before. So apparently, when I went to talk with the Children’s Ministry director, Carol, Melody was just crying and crying. It also didn’t help that she wasn’t feeling well. I figure it was just a combo of all those things…waking early, don’t know the caregivers, and being under the weather. But then she did it again the past week too. She saw me leaving like I usually do, and she would not let me go. Anyhow, I was relieved to read the article which talked about how as children move into a new stage in life, they sometimes do this. I think they said that all children go through this, but some just express it more than others. Well, I left her there crying, and she was still sobbing when I came back. We’ll try again on Sunday I guess.

We’re actually at the library right now, but Norm took Melody in to do storytime so that she can have some time away from me, which she’ll need to get used to once the baby is born. I’m sure she will be a great helper and will love the baby, but she’s had Mommy all to herself for 24 months so far…and at 27 months will have to share. I already know that she will demand some kind of attention from me, because I can see how she looks at me when I’m playing with my nephew Baby Sam.

Storytime is almot over, so we’ll be off to visit “Too-Too” (what Melody calls my brother Eric because in Chinese he’s called Kow-fu, but she can’t say her Fs)…if he’s awake. =p

– Joyce

4 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

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  2. Joyce,
    It really is what I calla”season”. All 3 of my children did the same thing to me. I worked at the church and we were there all the time so when the first one just lost his stuff for no reason when I dropped him off it made me leary that something was going on. I thought, maybe the teacher is being mean or alittle kid in the class is trying to hurt him. Luckily for me since I worked there I could get an update from everyone that he’s doing fine and has been since I walked down the hall. So, even though it’s alittle unnerving while your 2 year old has a complete meltdown in front of everyone in the hall, you can rest assured that it is only a season and will soon pass.

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