Welcome to our new online home! Over at geocities you didn’t have the option to leave comments when you visited (and we love hearing from you), so now you can! We will mostly blog about what’s happening in the Moy home. Occasionally, you can read random ramblings from us as well. The ever-so-popular “Our Week in Photos” over at Joyce’s Thotful Spot (which is no longer) have moved, but we will continue to update you at Picasa. For our reviews of products, restaurants, etc. you can visit our new review blog. Another blog is in the works, but you’ll have to be patient with us. Stop by on Fridays (or over the weekend) for Company Girl Coffee with Joyce. Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon!….and yes, that is the welcome mat you will see when you visit us at our house.

1 thought on “Welcome

  1. thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. i’ll be working on it over the next few days. and i’ll be sure to add you guys to our blogroll,too. happy new year!!! btw, congratulations on baby #2 on the way.

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