December Update: Friends, Family, and Eating

Joyce had a doctor’s appointment at the beginning of the month. She got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again and it sounds like all is well.

She was also “kidnapped” by her band of girlfriends for their annual holiday gathering. They enjoyed a lovely meal (sans kids and significant others) at Genghix (with a $15 off coupon too!), and drinks from Quickly. Melody loved having the “aunties” over and was sad to see them leave. The next evening, we headed to Ice Creamery for dinner with one of Joyce’s old college classmates and his family. They only had one(?) class together in college, but reconnected after graduation and found out that his middle school friends were the friends Joyce grew up with at church. Thanks Kristie for sharing your phone with Melody! Happy Birthday!

Saturday was a Holiday Puppet Show: “The North Pole Review” by Fratello Marionettes at the Manor Branch. Melody was not sure what to make of the puppets at first, but then the Hi-Fi Sisters (mice puppets) came out hula dancing and she was excited. The following Wednesday was a full day as Joyce and Melody headed to the Main Branch for TNT Storytime, drove out to SF for lunch and a nap before going to Ubisoft for their family holiday party. Melody got a baggie of crafts, a butterfly balloon, a gift, and a caricature done of her. Then, there was another puppet show at the Main branch. The highlight was the Otter Pops.

Friday was a BIG DAY! Eric (Joyce’s little brother) graduated from San Jose State University!! We missed him walking across the stage, but went back to celebrate with him for dinner at Mayflower in Milpitas. We were back at Mayflower (but in Union City) on Sunday for dim sum with some church friends. That evening brought us back to Ice Creamery for dinner with the Laws and Moys (Norm’s family). It was good to see everyone again, and we sure enjoyed a lot of ice cream. That Thursday there was more eating to be done. We drove out to San Francisco for dim sum at Riverside Seafood Restaurant in Sunset with Norm’s aunts, uncle, cousins, and cousins’ kids. Melody really liked visiting with 2nd cousins at Miranda’s house to watch Ariana’s Christmas performance. She gave a standing ovation. On Saturday, we went to Sushi House with some old church friends. Melody had a huge bento box of soba noodles, cucumber rolls, and inari.

After dinner, we stopped by Thompson Avenue (off High Street) in Alameda to look at Christmas lights. Every single house, except one, was lit and decorated. The church friends came by our house afterwards to play Fireball Island and the Ladybug Game before Melody went to sleep.

On Sunday, Norm’s cousin’s family from SoCal came to visit. We went to the Ice Creamery for a third time in the month to celebrate the twins’ 10th birthday.  Melody got to show the twins the Batmobile and the gumball machines.

We would like to thank everyone for their cards and gifts this Christmas and look forward to what’s in store for 2009.


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